Total Transformation Institute of Cosmetology
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Our Salon

Our Salon

Client Services

We at Total Transformation Institute value your business
All chemicals begin at 10 am
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 3pm
10% discount for senior adults
All work performed by students under the supervisionof licensed instructors. 

Hair Services

Hair Cut (includes shampoo & style)   $5
Conditioning Treatment   $10
Chemistry Set   $15+
Shampoo / Blow dry   $5
Shampoo / Set   $5
Updo   $20
Braids Consultation Required
Relaxer   $40
Relaxer retouch $25
Perm   $25
Spiral perm   $40+
Hair Color (Single Process - Starts at)
     Short Length Hair   $30
     Medium Length Hair   $45
     Long Length Hair   $55
Hair Color (Double Process Bleach & Tone - Starts at)
    Short Length Hair   $40
     Medium Length Hair   $55
     Long Length Hair   $65
High/Low Lights (Single Process - Starts at)
     1 to 20 foils   $30
     21 to 40 foils   $45
     41 to 60 foils   $ 60
Color Retouch - New Growth Only   $25
Bleach Retouch - New Growth Only $35
Add-on Extra Color per tube   $10
Add-on Extra Bleach per ounce   $5
Add-on Extra Perm per box   $10
Color Correction Consultation

Nail Services

Manicure  $5
Pedicure  $15
Nails Service Add-ons (above nail service required) 
French Polish  $3
Paraffin Wax  $5
Mask  $5

Skin Services

Mini Facial (30 minutes)   $15
European Facial (60 minutes)   $25
Back Facial (60 minutes)  $25
Facial Service Add-ons (facial service required)
Chemical Exfoliation   $20
Manual Microdermabrasion   $20
Extractions or Paraffin   $5
Eye Treatment   $10
Lip Treatment   $5
Make-Up Application   $15
Back Facial   $25
Lash or Brow Tint $10 each or Both for $15
Lip or Chin or Eyebrows   $5
Full Face   $15
Legs (Ankle to Knee)   $15
Full Leg   $25
Underarms   $10
Arms   $10
Back or Chest   $25


Prices may be higher due to hair length, additional product or treatments required for service.
Prices may change without notice.
Please allow appropriate time for the service to be carried out.
ALL services will stop at 4pm reguardless of the completion of the service. 
All work performed by students under supervision of licensed instructors.
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Salon Specials


Gift Certificates for services are avaliable.

2 Day Sale on December 8th and 9th

Purchase a $100 gift card for only $50

Valid for services only

Grad Testimonials

When I started school at TTIOC I was a different person than I am today.  School has matured me and made me a better person.  I have had to learn to be confident in my alilities, and to wake up and make the decision to speak life to myself and to the people I encounter.  Along with all of the personal growth, TTIOC has  given me a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.  I am a proud Nuts and Bolts Business Student of the Year graduate.  Nuts and Bolts has taught me how to give my clients 5 star customer service, to pamper them and send them home with the products and knowledge they need for their hair to look great everyday.  The consultation is the key to giving your clients what they want.  I have found so much excitement and inspiration in the Sassoon ABC way of cutting and haircolor techinques.  Techniques such as, combing the hair after applying haircolor to each section makes the color application through and the end result is flawless.    Having formulas for the haircuts takes the gussing away.  Sassoon techniques are truly hair architecture.  As I have grown as a hair stylist my personal style has also grown.  Lookong the part is very important.  The way you present yourself to the world shows your taste, and a lot of the time your standards.  TTIOC has given me high standards because they have high standards for their students.  I am so thnkful for everything my school has done for me.  They have nurtured me to be able to fly.  

- Julia - NaB Buisness Student of the Year 2015

My experience at Total Transformation truly changed my life. I not only know how to work with all kinds of hair, but thanks to the Nuts and Bolts business class, I learned how to build a clientele, boost my revenue and build client loyalty. I couldn’t have asked for better instructors or a better learning experience!

- Brittany