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Student Instructor

Grad Testimonials

During the Nuts and Bolts training the first 4 weeks of school, I learned what it takes to become a successful business woman and how to run my own business.
- Anonymous
I have to say this school has changed my life. It all started with the Nuts and Bolts business program, they taught us the value of our customers and how to take care of them while they are in our chair. They also showed us how to educate your client into buying products without persuading. I learned about the different generations that we have and how to deal with each group age.
- Paula

During the past year I have been at Total Transformation Institute, not only has it taught me how to be a better cosmetologist, but it has also taught me how to be a better person in general. This school has taught me how to be my own person.

- Kailee, Class 2019

I have learned numerous different services that I am now able to perform on clients. I loved the step-by-step procedure guides for performing many different massage techniques during the facial. I have become a better leader because I'm in a position where I'm continually learning. I plan to continue to grow as an esthetician with advanced educational classes.

- Julie, Class 2019

Being at Total Transformation Insitute I have had to learn it all! After a time, I realized that I have a passion for excessively curly hair. I'm extremely happy with the decision I made because I learned that I absolutely love doing hair. I could have gone anywhere but their curriculum is amazing and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I am confident in the communication skills I developed to be successful.

- Madison, Class 2020

I've learned so many things at the Total Transformation Institute and doing the things I've learned here has really been life-changing. From all the different types of future stylists, clients, and great teachers have made me really love cosmetology. I have grown, learned, and conquered. I am confident that I can do any tasks that are thrown my way, all because I have the knowledge and skill set that was taught to me. I am prepared for the real world!

- Cierra, Class 2019

When I started school at TTIOC I was a different person than I am today. School has matured me and made me a better person. I have had to learn to be confident in my alilities, and to wake up and make the decision to speak life to myself and to the people I encounter. Along with all of the personal growth, TTIOC has given me a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. I am a proud Nuts and Bolts Business Student of the Year graduate. Nuts and Bolts has taught me how to give my clients 5 star customer service, to pamper them and send them home with the products and knowledge they need for their hair to look great everyday. The consultation is the key to giving your clients what they want. I have found so much excitement and inspiration in the Sassoon ABC way of cutting and haircolor techinques. Techniques such as, combing the hair after applying haircolor to each section makes the color application through and the end result is flawless. Having formulas for the haircuts takes the gussing away. Sassoon techniques are truly hair architecture. As I have grown as a hair stylist my personal style has also grown. Lookong the part is very important. The way you present yourself to the world shows your taste, and a lot of the time your standards. TTIOC has given me high standards because they have high standards for their students. I am so thnkful for everything my school has done for me. They have nurtured me to be able to fly.

- Julia - NaB Buisness Student of the Year 2015

Student Instructor

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SOC Program Code: 25-2032.00
Texbook Information
Milady’s Master Educator 2nd Edition
  • Textbook & Exam Review ISBN-13: 978-1-435-43322-9

ISBN-10: 1-435-43322-X

500 Clock Hours

Learn ways to share your professional expertise with beginning and advanced future professionals.  Develop effective communication skills to connect with future professionals from different generations and learning styles, Learn techniques to address difficult behaviors, evaluate performance and guide future professionals to reach their career goals. After completing the program and passing the Texas written and practical exams, you obtain a license and are fully qualified to begin working as an entry level Instructor.

Student Instructor Curriculum

500 Hours (14 weeks full time)
Active license and 1 years salon experience required
Clock hours
Lesson Plans
Covers developing a course of study, organizing material, course outline and key elements of a lesson
Methods of Teaching
Presents instruction by lecture, role play, demonstration, group discussion, and field trips and the learning tools of concept connectors, visualization, mnemonics and games
Classroom Management
Discusses room arrangement, administrative responsibilities and presentation techniques
Evaluation Techniques
Explains grading styles, test development and performance evaluation tools
State Laws And Forms
Presents licensing and continuing education requirements
Preparation and Use of Visual Aids
Explains effective use of print material, projected and non-projected audio-visuals and classroom equipment
Learning Theory
Discusses the adult learner, generation differences and natural cycle of learning
Orientation, Rules and Laws
Introduces school policies and reviews state requirements
A clock hour equals 60 minutes.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are the responsibility of the future professional. Tuition payments can be made in the form of any of the following: Total Transformation Institute’s payment plan, Title IV funding (if applicable) or Scholarships.  A future professional’s End of Contract date (EOC) is calculated to include 100 hours for unforeseen absences. Total Transformation Institute will charge an additional fee for any TDLR required clock hours, practical applications, or written work remaining after the EOC at the rate of $10.00 per hour or any part thereof until graduation requirements are fulfilled.

Tuition $3200  
Future professional materials $240
Due by start of class
Enrollment fee
Due with Enrollment Contract
Permit fee $25
Due by start of class
Total $3565  

Other Costs

In addition to the program requirements, the future professional must pass the Texas Cosmetology Instructor Written Exam and Practical Exam to become licensed. Testing fees are payable to PSI Exams and can be found on their web page.  Additional equipment and supplies may be required to complete the chosen course of study and by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) for practical evaluations and the State Board Practical exam. The Texas Cosmetology Instructor license fee, payable to TDLR, can be found on their web site. On occasion, Total Transformation Institute travels to outside educational events, which could require the future professional to pay admission.


Bureau of Labor Statistics:

This program does not qualify for Federal Student Aid.

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